No. 01

Build Greatness


While at Vectorform, we were tasked to create a Best-in-Class experience for the all-new 2015 Chrysler 200. My role involved being the designer focusing on creating the UI animations that would compliment the clean and modern UI to showcase the features. The experience is available on both iOS and Android. The experience also won a Mobile Site of the Day from the FWA.


No. 02

Discover Yours


The experience is broken up into 8 chapters containing content on specific features of the vehicle. The user can swipe left to enter the interactive content, then swiping up and down will present to the user more information. The subtle transitions and animations were used as a guide across the experience.


No. 03

Experience Brilliance


With the content being king, I wanted to present the information in a fun way that allows for discovery and surprises. This led to the images coming onto the screen from different positions. Then tapping onto the image would transition to a full screen experience. There was an additional animation that didn't make it into the final but would've added a "Ken Burns" effect to the individual images.


No. 04

Inspire Confidence


Some of the obstacles I faced with this project was being inexperienced in After Effects and the short deadline as we needed to finish before the North American International Auto Show. I wanted to use this chance to show that I can problem-solve, learn quickly and work efficiently. I did research and found great sources of inspiration to help me decide on what the interactions and animations would be.