No. 01

Insightful Living


While at Vectorform, we've created a disruptive experience for the largest energy provider in the Metro Detroit area in DTE, that will revolutionize the way consumers track and understand electricity usage. The project has been a large undertaking and has expanded to involve many different designers. My role involved being the UI and UX designer focusing on certain sections, and creating motion studies for new additions. The experience is available for both iOS and Android.

No. 02

Real-time Coaching


The Energy Bridge is product is used to provide real-time energy usage to users of the DTE Insight application. This is an industry first feat to help the user understand electrical consumption in their homes. Using a coaching engine, the experiences helps users reach their goal of reducing energy consumption and money. Gamification helps the user achieve daily and weekly challenges to to to earn points customize their home avatar.


No. 03

Electricity Usage


One of the key features that make the experience unique and innovative is the use of the magnetometer inside of the iPhones. Users can place specific types of powercords behind their phones and the magnetometer will record the electrical currents. This provides the user with information on how much electricity each home appliance or item is using.